General Terms & Conditions

All the goods sold will not be taken back or exchanged. Responsibility ceases once Goods leave our shop. All disputes subject to Chennai jurisdiction. There is No Warranty for Toners, inkjet, cartridges, Chip, Drums & Refills. Our 30 days warranty is only for the supplied printer spares, parts & service provided to solve the problem specified as per bill. If any other new problem happens in warranty period, then that will be charged separately. No warranty for any sort of physical damages and also for page count.

  • Damaged non working parts / spares of your printer will not be returned. If you want any damage parts to be returned, please inform in advance & it will be charged extra.
  • The damaged printer / other goods given to us for service will be returned, as it is in damaged or broken or non-working condition; if it can’t be serviced or repaired.
  • In the process of repair, before or after; if the outer or inner body parts of your printer or other goods are found damaged or broken; we are not responsible or not to be held responsible under any circumstance for these damages. The entire such risk has to be taken & accepted by customer and no claims will be entertained by us.
  • We use new or reconditioned parts (on case to case basis) to service & rectify your damaged non-working printers, goods, etc. The price quoted & billed will be for either new, old or reconditioned spares / parts.
  • Minimum amount will be charged (approx. Rs. 300) if you ask us to return the printer / goods without doing the service after 2/3 hrs of handing over your printer for repair.
  • We are not authorised by any Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).
  • Repaired printer / goods have to be collected within 30 days. After 30 days, we are not responsible or held liable for your printer / goods; which we will be forced to dispose off as scrap.